Le migliori spiagge della Val di Cornia

The best beaches of the Val di Cornia

Val di Cornia is a territory of the province of Livorno that includes part of the hinterland but also a long stretch of coastline in front of the Island of Elba.

This area, in fact, is very popular and visited during the summer months when the beautiful beaches of Val di Cornia are populated by many tourists looking for relaxation and sun.

In this stretch of Tuscan coast, you can find beaches suitable for every need with spectacular views and equipped refreshment points.

The Beaches

The first seaside resort that we find is San Vincenzo, here you will find several establishments but also stretches of free beach.

Shallow seabed, blue water and golden beach are suitable for families with children; we also find the Dog Beach, a beach also dedicated to our four-legged friends.

Subsequently, we find the protected area of the Rimigliano Park, this beach is characterized by dunes and behind it is the Mediterranean scrub and the forest. In the park we find picnic areas and a small refreshment point but the beach is completely free, being a protected park.

Another wonderful beach is that of the Gulf of Baratti. The dark color with silver reflections of the sand comes from the ancient processing of iron and at your shoulders, you will find the fresh pine forest that will host you during the hottest hours.

Le migliori spiagge della Val di Cornia

Suitable for families with children is also the beach of the Natural Park of Sterpaia, thanks to its seabeds that gently degrade your children will be able to play safely in the water. Very suggestive is the beach of Torre Mozza with the ancient sighting tower on the sea.

For the more adventurous, a place to visit is the “Buca delle Fate”. It can be reached by boat or by a not very simple path, it is a magical place near the promontory of Baratti, the beach is composed of large pebbles and the water is crystal clear.

Val di Cornia offers many possibilities for recreation and will allow you to relax and have fun at the beach but also to explore a territory rich in history and traditions.

Photo: RimiglianoRimigliano 03CC BY-SA 3.0

Paolo QuerciTorre-Mozza ToscanaCC BY-SA 3.0

Jacopo MarcovaldiBaratti’s from aboveCC BY 2.0