La miniera del Temperino

The Temperino mine

The Temperino mine is located in Campiglia Marittima and is part of the Parks and Museums of the Val Cornia.

You access to the Temperino mine from the entrance of the Park of San Silvestro and, equipped with a protective helmet, you follow a 360-meter underground path that leads to the discovery of tunnels excavated by miners dating back to Etruscan times.

Used as a museum, the mine contains testimonies of miners from all eras, machinery and work tools. Here you will discover the techniques of extraction of materials from antiquity to the present day and understand the lives of the people who have worked here for years.

The itinerary is accessible only with guided tours that will tell you the history and the techniques used. You can proceed by exploring the Lanzi-Temperino Gallery on board the train that will take you through the itinerary that the material extracted from the mines did.

You will then find the two museums within Pozzo Earle, the Museum of Mining Machines and the Miner’s Museum.
The Park of San Silvestro leads to the discovery of a not well-known history but full of charm that will allow you to understand the development of mining activity in this corner of Tuscany.

Photo: LepoRelloParco archeominerario di San Silvestro Galleria Lanzi-Temperino installationCC BY-SA 3.0