Parco naturale di Rimigliano

Natural park of Rimigliano

The Natural Park of Rimigliano is a protected area that is part of the Parks of Val Cornia and is located in San Vincenzo.
It is a free area divided in two by the provincial road that separates the coastal part from the wooded one.

The park offers beautiful views and a rich vegetation with sand dunes, Mediterranean vegetation, woods and a beautiful sea.

The coastline stretches for about six kilometers in length and, in summer, is populated by many tourists looking for relaxation on the beautiful Tuscan sea, in fact, the park is open to all year round.

Because of the intense presence of man, especially in summer, the animals are not very present in the park. However, you can occasionally see wild boars, rabbits, weasels, hedgehogs and foxes and spot different species of birds including the barn owl, the owl, the cuckoo, the blackbird and the woodpecker.

On the other hand, the Natural Park of Rimigliano, collects many species of plants that are divided into the seven habitats that start from the sea and reach the forest.

We find the part of the beach, then start the first low dunes and the mobile dunes that are shaped by the wind. Then there are the fixed dunes up to 10 meters high that “protect” the wood behind where there are typical plants of the Mediterranean scrub.

There are two wetlands and then you meet the real forest with pines and oaks.
In this beautiful park, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the coast of San Vincenzo.

Photo: RimiglianoRimigliano 04CC BY-SA 3.0