Gita di un giorno all'Isola d'Elba

Day trip to the Elba’s Island

If you absolutely want to visit the beautiful island of Elba but you only have one day to do it there are attractions that you can not miss.

Whether you decide to explore the island or enjoy a relaxing day on the beach, Elba Island is for you.

The largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago allows you to visit important historical sites thanks to its ancient origins, thanks to its paths among unspoiled nature trekking lovers can explore the beauties of the island and snorkeling enthusiasts can go to discover the beautiful backdrops that the sea of the island of Elba offers.

Coming to Portoferraio you can start your journey to discover the history of the island. Following the course of the port, you will find yourself at the Linguella Medicean Fortress which preserves ancient Roman and Etruscan historical artifacts. Going back to the Porta a Mare you will enter the historical center. A fundamental stop is the Villa dei Mulini, the ancient residence of Napoleon, which was used for parties and receptions. You can visit the rooms with original period furnishings and the beautiful gardens.

From the sides of the villa, you will find the Forts Falcone and Stella that guard the harbor from above. Together with Linguella, these two forts were part of the island’s protection network created by the Medici.
A few minutes by bus you can visit Villa San Martino, Napoleone’s private home during his exile. You can visit the villa, the Egyptian room, the love knot room and the gardens.

Also reachable by bus is the Roman villa of the caves, an ancient domus used by noble Roman families for the summer holidays, which included two floors, swimming pools, thermal baths and gardens.

Sea and Relax

For those who prefer the sea and relaxation, the Island of Elba offers some of the most beautiful beaches of the Tuscan coast. Near the port, in fact, is the Spiaggia delle Ghiaie composed of white stones that make the water blue and transparent. Here you will find bars, restaurants and public gardens with bathrooms and showers.

You can also immerse yourself in nature along scenic paths that will take you to more hidden beaches like that of Padulella or Capo Bianco. The white pebble beaches, the crystal clear water and the cliffs overlooking the sea will leave you breathless, there are also refreshment points, and umbrellas and deckchairs rental.
The Island of Elba is a magical place, with a rich nature that creates spectacular landscapes and an ancient and fascinating history.

Photo: MjoblingAerial view of Elba 1CC BY 3.0