Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima – the village

Campiglia Marittima is one of the municipalities that make up the Val Cornia, a medieval village full of history that deserves to be visited.
One of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany, Campiglia Marittima develops within the historic walls, the buildings are arranged in concentric semicircles and create a special harmony that distinguishes this beautiful village.

On the highest part, there is the semicircular fortress, an ancient fortress built by the Counts of Gherardesca, which today houses the Museum of the history of the medieval village with historical finds of considerable importance.

Inside the village, you can cross the narrow streets lined with stone houses, craft shops and taverns. Among the many historic buildings to see the most important is certainly the Palazzo Pretorio. Symbol of the political and military power, you can perceive it from the height, in fact, it overcomes all the other buildings thanks to the clock tower. The Palace is home to the Historical Archive, the Mineral Museum, the Children’s Library and the Carlo Guarnieri Museum. This building, built in 1200, has several crests on the facade, are coats of arms of the many podestà sent from Florence between the fifteenth and seventeenth century.

Within the village, there is also the municipal theater, or Teatro dei Concordi, built in the mid-1800s.
Outside the historic walls is the Pieve di San Giovanni. The building, in Romanesque style, has friezes and bas-reliefs in white stone on the limestone structure.

The Campiglia Marittima municipality also includes the Parco Archeo-Minerario di San Silvestro, which includes an ancient village of miners, the Museum of Archeology and Minerals and the Temperino Mine.
Campiglia Marittima is a town rich in history, passed in the hands of Pisa and Florence and that contains ancient testimonies ready to be discovered.