Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia

The territory ofVal di Cornia has very ancient origins and there are villages with important archaeological and architectural finds. The Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia is one of the largest and most famous parks in Tuscany. Populonia is an important Etruscan city and dominates the Gulf of Baratti from above. The Park is an open-air museum that collects various examples of Etruscan and Roman buildings.
Along the routes inside the park there are two large Necropolis, the Roman Acropolis of Populonia, the finds of the first Etruscan settlements and a Medieval monastery.

The first Necropolis is that of San Cerbone and, its position, allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the Gulf from above.

Here you will find large mound tombs and aedicule tombs. The first date back to the seventh century BC and the families of the aristocracy of the city were buried there, in fact it was very large tombs, some over 20 meters in diameter.

The aedicule tombs have a temple shape, some were also decorated with statues and were used for several members of the same family.
Very impressive is also the Necropolis of the Caves where you can see tombs carved into the rock face.
Going up we find the acropolis of Populonia that collects the remains of the Roman temples overlooking the large square of the ancient city. Continuing on the top of the promontory we will find the remains of the first Etruscan houses of Populonia.


There are several itineraries suitable for all needs; such as the iron way that will take you into the woods to discover ancient tombs and buildings related to iron working.
Via della Romanella is a more difficult path that leads to the acropolis and, subsequently, to the Etruscan city through the ancient road that connected them to the necropolis.

Finally, the Via delle Cave will take you through a path in the woods to the Necropolis delle Grotte and finally to the Acropolis.
Being able to observe the history so closely is a unique experience, accompanied by the extraordinary natural landscape of Populonia and the beautiful sea of the Tuscan coast.

Photo: AlMarePopulonia Necropoli Delle Grotte OverviewCC BY-SA 2.5